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    • 3 / 4 Policy HH bonuses are for when you write a new HH, NOT when you cross sell a current customer.
    • 3 policy HH cannot be combined with the PUP bonus.
    • Customer Excellence is given to you by MJ at her discretion.
    • Live transfer can’t be combined with on the spot. If you sell a Live transfer on the spot you ge tthe on the spot bonus of $20 versus the live transfer bonus of $10.
    • Team work is for when 1 person does the original work and reviews coverage, etc. then when the client calls back and hte person #1 isn’t there then person #2 completes the policies. The sale is split items/premium and you each get the team work bonus.
      Team work can also be used when you pass a hot lead off to another person who may have the skill to sell to that type of customer or sy it’s a complex case and ou aren’t confident and need help so you pass it off.
      This is to incentivise you to work together to make the sale and get the customer in GOOD HANDS ASAP!
    • Full insurance review includes everything in the insurance review checklist. Notes in E-Agent on all of the checklist.
    • Cross sell – Taking one of our customers from 1 policy HH to a 2+ policy HH.
    • MJ will add your shift differential bonus to your 1st check of the month so no need to add it in the NBL any longer.

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* By clicking submit, I certify that I have reviewed the above information and it is correct, the policy has already been bound, and I am entitled to each of the selected bonuses.*